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Increase Your Success Rate by

Changing the Way You Hunt in Blaze Orange

We Reinvented Hunting Camo, blending blaze orange and 3D leafy camouflage- making you invisible to deer and visible to hunters.

"Amazing Suit"






Is this legal for hunting? 

The SEE3D Camo Suit is legal in majority of States in the USA. The Jacket incorporates over 520² inches of Blaze Orange. The Pants add an additional 500² inches of Blaze Orange. This exceeds most state regulations.

Some states require Blaze Orange to be "solid and unbroken" during rifle season. We advise you to research your own state prior to wearing our product. Have more questions? Read our article that covers this in depth HERE

Is the Blaze Orange bright enough? 

The SEE3D Camo Suit contains the same vibrant Blaze Orange that is incorporated in other traditional hats, vests, and other hunting clothing. 

We created this suit with safety in mind. We stand by our claims.

Our Suit offers more Blaze Orange than traditional hunting Blaze Orange vests. With over 1000² inches of Blaze Orange on the jacket and pants, you can feel confident knowing you are visible to other hunters and will not be mistaken for big game. 


What is your return policy? 

We are confident you will be impressed with our SEE3D Camo Suit. Hundreds of hunters have used our suit in previous hunting seasons with success. 

We are so sure you will be pleased with our product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee; no questions asked.  


Are there pockets? 

The SEE3D Camo Suit is meant to be an outside layer over your other hunting clothing. 

After deliberate testing in the field, we determined quick access pockets were the best option. 

We created quick access pockets in the jacket and pants, so you can quickly acquire your essential gear and equipment from the pockets in your inside layers. 


Big game animals are red/green colorblind. Their eyesight is keen on detecting unnatural shapes in their habitat.
The SEE3D Camo Suit breaks up your silhouette with hundreds of 3D leaves, keeping you invisible to big game while remaining visible to hunters. See it for yourself in the video below. 
hunter vs deer vision-min.png

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